The Hybrid Prosthesis: Full Set of Implant Teeth in One Day

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What exactly is the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure?

It is a solution to receive Full Mouth Implants / Teeth in One Day

Teeth-in-a-day with All-on-4® dental implants, or the Hybrid Prosthesis, done by a dentist in Lincoln, NE is an excellent solution and treatment option for patients who aren’t keen on traditional removable dentures. In addition, with this revolutionary procedure, you won’t have to fix broken crowns, bad teeth, repair broken bridges, or replace missing teeth. Additionally, people who have no teeth or have loose-fitting dentures can benefit from teeth-in-a-day procedures as long as there is enough viable bone to support the implants.

This specific treatment plan includes the dental implant procedure cost, which includes four dental implants, surgical placement, and an all-acrylic set of teeth for one arch, either top or bottom.

The Hybrid Prosthesis, in short, is essentially a permanent bridge consisting of a combination of acrylic teeth that are set over a titanium frame. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE and their gentle team at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry strives to provide a seamless experience, which, in turn, means quicker appointments and less anxiety for you.

Now that you know a little about the Hybrid Prosthesis, you likely want to know the specifics. We understand, and that’s why we’ve gathered some essential information that we think you should know. So, let’s get started!

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  • What’s the success and durability rate of the Hybrid Prosthesis?
  • Is the Hybrid Prosthesis Covered By Insurance?
  • What’s The Cost Of Teeth-In-A-Day?
  • Who Is A Fit All-on-4® Candidate For Teeth-In-A-Day?
Dentist near me in Lincoln, NE Dr. Chris Sullivan your Lincoln NE family dentist.

How Do We Approach The Hybrid Prosthesis

The process of placing implants can take time. But, placing implants for the Hybrid Prosthesis takes only a single day. When you come in for your appointment and consultation, our implant dentistry team will take x-rays to get a better look at your jaw. This will tell our team and dentist near me in Lincoln, NE if you are a candidate for implants. Once we’ve made our assessment, we’ll then get you set up for another appointment.

Why Choose Dental Implant Services at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry

We pride ourselves in providing quality dental services, and dental implant services are no exception. We feel we’ve got a unique system in place with our team at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry and Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery.

Our custom-made Hybrid Prosthesis, or fixed dental bridges, are carefully created and whitened to match the color of your natural teeth. Because these implants are carefully designed and made just for you, no one will even know they are there; a seamless process that will result in a vibrant smile.

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Who does the Hybrid Prosthesis Procedure?

Dr. Chris Sullivan will perform the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure. Dr. Sullivan received his doctorate of dental surgery degree (DDS) at UNMC College of Dentistry and his undergraduate in Biological Systems Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering from UN-L. Since then, Dr. Sullivan has helped many patients restore their smiles, and we’re confident he can help you, too!

Moreover, Dr. Chris Sullivan, your gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE, has mastered the art of restoring smiles. Dr. Sullivan and his skilled team will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the smile of your dreams. To do so, Dr. Sullivan spends one-on-one time with all of his implant patients, which begins with a consultation. The consultation covers information, including discussing your dental ailments and dentition history, and any other past medical history. Your radiographic images will be comprehensively scanned and examined so that Dr. Sullivan can make sure his treatment plan addresses all of your concerns, in addition to giving you an aesthetically pleasing smile. Also noteworthy is that Dr. Sullivan will address any new diagnosis, alongside the need for any further treatment plan(s). 

Something also important to note is that aside from explaining the basics, our team takes great pride in educating every patient. We will take the time to make sure all of your questions are answered, whether about dental conditions or the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure. Should you forget to ask something while in the office, no worries. Our team is only a phone call or email away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Throughout your consultation, Dr. Sullivan, your dentist near me, will conduct a clinical examination and listen to the story behind your smile and what makes it unique. If he feels your condition could benefit, he will apply the knowledge he has gained from his vast clinical experience and help you renew your smile.

Dr. Chris Sullivan invests a great deal of his time and energy into helping his patients get the smile they deserve. All of Dr. Sullivan’s patients also love his ability to not only improve their smile design but making them look younger in the process. If you feel you might be a good candidate for the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure, Dr. Sullivan would honor the opportunity to meet you.

Implant dentistry hybrid prosthesis dentist near me in Lincoln NE, Dr. Sullivan.

The Hybrid Prosthesis Procedure Outlined

Phase 1: Consultation

As described above, during the consultation, Dr. Sullivan, a dentist in Lincoln, NE, will evaluate all x-rays and assess your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Excessive bone loss or current untreated medical conditions could mean that the Hybrid Prosthesis would not be a good choice for you.

Phase 2: Treatment Planning

Once you have completed your consultation appointment and decide to move forward, treatment planning can begin. The Hybrid Prosthesis is an involved process and requires great attention to detail. It is here that Dr. Sullivan’s clinical skills are used to execute excellent results. Not only does he want the teeth to look good, but creating just the perfect “fit” is vital. Spacing between teeth for aesthetics, creating a “normal” bite and making sure your new smile functions so you can speak and chew properly are all things that must be considered when creating your new smile. Implant planning software will aid Dr. Sullivan, your dentist near me, in the design and layout process for your new smile.

Phase 3: Implant Surgery
Dr. Sullivan, your dentist in Lincoln, NE, has teamed up with an oral surgeon at Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery (NOFS) to ensure the implant process goes smoothly. 

To provide the best experience, we have created a team of professionals to give the patient the absolute best experience possible. Creating one team will let you rest easy, knowing that you will receive the same outstanding care from office to office. That’s why our providers at Nebraska Family Dentistry and Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery (NOFS) work closely together. Doing so allows us to ensure your care, your experience, and your new smile are all top-notch.

Dr. Chris Sullivan’s Hybrid Prosthesis partner, Dr. David Rallis, is a highly skilled oral surgeon who has placed hundreds of implants, all with great success. So, to make sure every Hybrid Prosthesis patient has a seamless experience, Dr. Rallis does all parts of the procedure below the gum line (extractions, implant post placement, etc.). Dr. Chris Sullivan performs all aspects of the procedure that are above the gumline. Why? Our team at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry feels this is an excellent way to maintain consistency, thus producing outstanding results.

In short, we feel that having only two offices involved saves you time and money. Most importantly, however, in the end, we believe it gives you a better experience.

Phase 4: Final Prosthesis Placement and Home Care

During this phase, you’ll receive your final prosthesis, and ultimately, your new smile. During this time, your new Hybrid bridge will be placed and tried for fit. Dr. Sullivan, your dentist in Lincoln, NE, will check your occlusion (bite) and make all necessary adjustments to ensure proper function once you leave the office. 

Upon your departure, you will have a new smile. Even though these aren’t “real” teeth, it is critical to know that you must still maintain an excellent home care routine to ensure the longevity of your new Hybrid Prosthesis. Daily brushing and flossing, along with routine dental visits (perhaps more frequently if deemed necessary by Dr. Sullivan), will ensure that your new investment keeps you smiling for years.

The Hybrid Prosthesis or teeth-in-a-day dental implant surgery is performed using advanced computerized treatment to maximize surgical precision and reduce the amount of time you spend in our dental chair. Additionally, because this procedure is not as invasive, your recovery time is reduced significantly.

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So, What’s The Cost Of The Hybrid Prosthesis?

The Hybrid Prosthesis procedure is one cost, which will be presented to you at the beginning of your treatment plan, and that number won’t change. You will be able to rest easy knowing the numbers you have been given in the beginning will be the very same numbers you’ll see when your Hybrid Prosthesis is complete. One treatment plan, one price, one outstanding team, and fabulous results.  

Because everyone is different, we think discussing numbers now wouldn’t be fair. Our team will be able to cover the cost of your new smile after you have your consultation. We know that when it comes to medical treatment of any kind, drastic price increases only heighten a person’s anxiety, and understandably so. That’s why it’s our personal goal to give you one number and one number only.

Although the Hybrid Prosthesis tends to cost more than traditional dentures, the results are far superior. The price of the Hybrid Prosthesis at our Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry location of Nebraska Family Dentistry is about 30% lower than that of our closest competitor in the area. Our team can offer this affordable rate because of our close working partnership with Dr. David Rallis at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery. Keeping in mind that the Hybrid Prosthesis does cost more, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to natural teeth. There won’t be any more ill-fitting dentures with the Hybrid Prosthesis, denture glue, or difficulty when speaking or chewing. With the Hybrid Prosthesis, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Often, traditional dental implant surgeries are performed separately and have multiple fees that go to separate providers. Also, it seems as though follow-up visits, materials, and related dental lab work all come at an additional cost. Therefore, traditional dental implant surgeries can cost significantly more. Obviously, with our Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry team and dentist in Lincoln, NE, you get to save time, money, and effort with fewer dental professionals involved.

Image of man who is curious about the cost of nitrous oxide sedation dentistry when used by a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE.

Still unsure about the Hybrid Prosthesis?

Our skilled team has techniques that make us both efficient and affordable. All appointments are carried out at one of two places: a Nebraska Family Dentistry or Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery. With minimal travel, that means the patient can save time and receive better care. 

We know that having healthy teeth leads to a happy, confident smile. We look forward to learning more about you and helping you find a treatment plan that will give you something to smile about, a treatment plan that will create a whole new you!

The revolutionary Hybrid Prosthesis treatment is genuinely unlike any other. In addition to seeing a skilled cosmetic dentist at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry, our team, as previously mentioned, partners with Dr. David Rallis at Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery. Together, they can create a smile bringing new life to their patients. A custom treatment plan will be created just for you by our dentist in Lincoln, NE and can be done at Nebraska Family Dentistry’s newest Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry location.

To ensure your experience is exceptional, the Hybrid Prosthesis team will keep you informed every step of the way; from your first consultation to the very last appointment, we want to make sure we give you a reason to smile.

Financing, Payment Options For Teeth-In-A-Day

The dentists at Nebraska Family Dentistry and Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry have worked hard to create several payment options to ensure you have access to the dental care you deserve. The Hybrid Prosthesis procedure is performed alongside Dr. David Rallis at Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery. The best way to learn about the cost of the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure is to set up a consultation at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry or any of our partnered dental locations throughout Lincoln, NE. At your consultation appointment and after your assessment, our team will discuss the fees for the Hybrid Prosthesis.

If, however, the procedure seems out of reach, please let us know. We offer a handful of convenient options that might help you. We offer financing through CareCredit® and Ally® lending, both of which you can apply for from the comfort of your own home. Your smile is our priority, and we want to help.

When you choose to apply for financing from CareCredit® or Ally® lending, it affords you the ability to cover your treatment costs in full with fixed monthly payments. This way, you’ll have an exact number to budget for each month and get the treatment you deserve. It’s a win, win.

Commonly Asked Question about the Hybrid Prosthesis

Dentist near me in Lincoln NE, Dr. Kelsey Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan is a Lincoln dentist that offers a variety of dental services in Lincoln, NE.
What’s the success and durability rate of the Hybrid Prosthesis?

The Hybrid Prosthesis offers a proven long-term solution for many debilitating dental concerns. The Hybrid Prosthesis has proven highly durable, with numbers ranging up to five years in the maxilla and ten years in the mandible. The survival rate of the procedure is also very high. The key to success, however, is an excellent home care routine.

Is the Hybrid Prosthesis Covered By Insurance?

Most dental insurance providers will likely cover a portion of the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure. Our team at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry has experienced team members, all familiar with dental insurance. In general, all significant PPO dental insurance policies such as Metlife, Delta Dental, Cigna, Aetna, and Guardian are accepted at our office. In addition, we also have billing specialists who will submit your insurance claims for you. Your job is to enjoy your visit. Leave the hard work to us. Contact our dentist near me today.

What’s The Cost Of Teeth-In-A-Day?

As previously stated, the cost for the Hybrid Prosthesis will be discussed at your initial consultation and evaluation. Like any other medical procedure, and because everyone is different, we prefer to assess each patient before discussing price. If you need additional treatment outside of the Hybrid Prosthesis, your cost will likely be different from someone who is having the Hybrid Prosthesis without any other dental treatment.

Who Is A Fit All-on-4® Candidate For Teeth-In-A-Day?

If your jawbone structure is healthy and there isn’t excessive bone loss, you’re likely going to be a great match for the Hybrid Prosthesis. Having healthy bone structure will allow the implants to properly fuse with the bone, a process known as osseointegration. Without the proper bone density, the implants won’t be able withstand the forces exerted with daily activities such as chewing.

The Hybrid Prosthesis is an excellent procedure for those who want a natural, life-like smile and don’t want the hassle of traditional dentures. Durability and functionality in one make this a dental procedure worth smiling about – Don’t wait, and let dentist in Lincoln, NE and their team help you restore your smile today!

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