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The most common cause of a root canal is a cavity that has reached the nerve of a tooth. A small cavity will not cause any discomfort. But, if a cavity does reach the nerve, the tooth will become infected by the bacteria within the cavity. At this point, root canal therapy is necessary to treat an infection. In addition, dental work or injury to the tooth can create trauma and warrant the need for a root canal. Luckily, Dr. Kelsey Sullivan, your dentist in Lincoln, NE, and your root canal clinic near me, Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry, can help. Endodontics in Lincoln, NE isn’t as bad as you might think.

  • Is a root canal better than a dental implant?
  • Does a root canal procedure hurt?
  • Are root canals safe for my health?
  • If I choose to remove the tooth, do I need to replace it?
  • How long can I expect my root canal to last when done at a Lincoln, NE root canal clinic near me?
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The pulp of a tooth is the area inside that contains nerves and blood vessels. If and when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, treatment from your dentist in Lincoln, NE should be sought. Generally, inflammation and infection of the pulp will occur if you have any of the following:

  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • A deep filling or cavity
  • Severe or serious injury or trauma to the tooth
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Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy at a Root Canal Clinic Near Me

A tooth can generally be saved by a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE. Depending upon your situation, either root canal therapy or tooth replacement with a dental implant are great options.

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Is a root canal better than a dental implant? 

A root canal done by a dentist in Lincoln, NE, is a great option for keeping your natural tooth. By keeping your natural tooth you can avoid problems associated with losing a tooth, such as unwanted tooth migration, bone loss or difficulty chewing. 

Sometimes, however, a tooth can be too infected or missing too much tooth structure. When a tooth can not be successfully treated with a root canal at a root canal clinic near me, a dental implant is a better option for replacing missing teeth.

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Signs and Symptoms of Root Canal Problems 

Sometimes teeth can be sensitive to temperature changes but it does not mean a root canal is needed. A root canal is recommended when there is an acute toothache that does not get better and keeps patients up at night. Root canals can also be recommended by a dentist in Lincoln, NE if any of the following symptoms persist:

  • Sudden and acute sensitivity to cold temperatures.
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch and pressure.
  • Extensive cavity that has reached the pulp (middle part of a tooth).
  • Swelling or dental abscess that is visible on the gum tissue around a tooth.
  • X-ray showing an infection near the end of a tooth’s root.

Does a root canal procedure hurt?

Root canals should not be painful or hurt. Historically, many patients think of endodontic treatment as a very painful treatment. In most cases, however, it is a very comfortable and easy procedure and it takes just slightly longer than placing a regular filling. A root canal procedure is one of the most effective and affordable methods used to treat an acute toothache or a dental infection, leading to quick pain relief. 

This procedure should cause only minimal discomfort, or be completely painless with the use of new technology and anesthetic choices in modern dentistry with a dentist in Lincoln, NE.

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Images demonstrating root canal progression that can be diagnosed and fixed at a root canal clinic dentist dentist near me in Lincoln, NE.

Problems from an inflamed or infected pulp

If you have an infection within the tooth, more specifically the pulp, it can spread to tissues that are located around the tooth’s root. Often, this can cause swelling and pain. Even if there is no pain, bacteria that have come from the infection can still cause damage to the bone.

Any type of dental infection can affect your overall health and it is important to treat any dental infection to benefit not only your dental health, but also your overall health. If you need help contact a dentist in Lincoln, NE today.

Are root canals safe for my health?

Root canals are safe for your overall health if no residual infection is left inside the tooth. If a tooth is extremely infected prior to the treatment, it is not safe to complete a root canal procedure for your overall health. Having residual infection inside of a tooth, can lead to a low grade infection at the apices of a tooth. Thus, it could potentially create more inflammation within the body and contribute to other medical conditions associated with higher inflammation levels such as Crohn’s disease, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and many others.

If I choose to remove the tooth, do I need to replace it? 

When a tooth is removed or lost, and it is not replaced, it can create problems. The teeth around the lost tooth can shift and create difficulties in chewing, biting, and even daily cleaning. 

Often, if a back tooth is missing, patients will chew using their front teeth that are not meant to handle the chewing pressure, ultimately compromising those teeth.

How long can you expect a root canal to last?

When adequately maintained after restoration, a tooth that has had root canal therapy at a root canal clinic near me can last for many years. However, it is still just like any other tooth and can become fractured, decayed, or the surrounding tissue can develop gum disease. The key to preventing dental problems is early detection and seeing your dentist in Lincoln, NE. Routine cleanings and exams are a great way to help keep your mouth healthy.

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