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Northeast Lincoln Emergency Dentists: We are Your Emergency Dentist in the Area

Dental emergencies seem to occur when you are least expecting them. Whether it’s in the middle of the workday or at the crack of dawn, it is never convenient. All of us at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry have experienced this very thing. A dentist near me in Lincoln, NE at our Northeast Lincoln dental clinic can help.

In our article, we’ll cover what you need to know when it comes to dental emergencies.

1. What does sharp tooth pain mean? Your emergency dentist in the area has the answer.

2. What happens to an untreated abscess tooth? Our emergency dentist in the area can help!

3. What should you do if your tooth gets knocked out? An emergency dentist in the area explains.

4. How serious is a lost filling? Our Lincoln, NE emergency dentist in your area has answers.

Should you have an emergency, call our emergency dental line listed below to see one of our skilled professionals as soon as possible. We are your emergency dentist near me in Lincoln, NE located within the Northeast section of town.

If you need immediate dental care, please call your emergency dentist in the area of Northeast Lincoln, NE at:


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Dental Emergency #1:
Sharp Toothache

Frequently, dental infections can cause a severe toothache. If you are experiencing a toothache, be sure to see an emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE as soon as you can. If the discomfort seems unexpected or abrupt, dental infection is likely to blame.

Denture repair dentist near me in Lincoln, NE Dr. Chris Sullivan your Lincoln NE family dentist.

Dental Emergency #2:
Swelling or Abscess

If your gums are swelling or are sore, you may have developed a dental abscess. Dental abscesses happen when an infection has developed and reached the root of a tooth. Should you have this occur, be sure you have it treated immediately by your emergency dentist. If not, it could lead to a more severe and more exaggerated medical emergency. Even if you believe you don’t have a dental abscess, swollen gums of any kind should be evaluated by a dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Image of dentist near me in Lincoln, NE showing a patient their x-rays at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry.

Dental Emergency #3:
Knocked-Out Tooth

Dentists can typically replace a knocked-out tooth if you arrive to see them within 30 minutes of the accident occurring. However, it is doubtful that your Lincoln emergency dentist near me in Lincoln, NE can replace the tooth if it has been longer. When a tooth is dislodged, its surrounding tissues become damaged; unfortunately, this often includes the nerves. After some time, damaged tissues are no longer able to support the tooth. For this reason, it is critical to see your Northeast Lincoln Family dentist as soon as you can if you have experienced a knocked-out tooth.

Image of an affordable dentist near me in Lincoln, NE at Nebraska Family Dentistry.

Dental Emergency #4:
Broken Tooth/Teeth

Unfortunately, breaking a tooth is not uncommon. Big breaks to small cracks can take a definite toll on your mouth and, unfortunately, it can also cause a fair amount of discomfort. If a break extends down to the root of a tooth, you can be confident you will experience a significant amount of discomfort. Should this occur, you must schedule an appointment with one of our emergency dentists right away.

Image of a dental professional offering gentle family dentistry near me in Lincoln, NE.

Dental Emergency #5:
Lost Crown or Filling

Dentists ultimately use crowns and fillings to fix forms of decay, trauma, and cavities. That means if a crown or filling falls out, your tooth will become vulnerable, which in turn will cause it to become sensitive. In addition, you will also likely experience some sensitivity to temperatures both hot and cold. You might also have discomfort if the tooth has been damaged. Generally speaking, most of the time, a lost filling isn’t that severe. If, however, it does become serious, please be sure to reach out to your emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry.

Our dentist near me in Lincoln, NE Dr. Kelsey Sullivan taking to a patient about a lost filling.

Dental Emergency #6:
Broken Dentures

Among denture-wearers, broken dentures are an all too common problem. It causes patients trouble with speaking, eating, as well as other things. Broken dentures have the potential to do more than ruin someone’s day. At Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry, our emergency dentist near me in Lincoln, NE also offers emergency denture repair and would be more than happy to get you in as soon as we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Urgent/Emergency Care

When it comes to emergency or urgent dental care, we have made a short list of commonly asked questions about urgent and emergency dental care. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please reach out to our emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Is your emergency dentist open on Saturday?

While our emergency dentists are not at the office 24/7, you still have options. You can schedule an appointment online or call our emergency line at 402-840-9783.

Is your Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry dental office a 24-hour emergency/urgent dental care location?

Again, just like many others, our dentists do not spend all of their time in the office, but they will likely be able to get you in soon.

Does Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry perform root canal therapy on an emergency basis?

All of our dentists are efficient when it comes to performing endodontics in Lincoln, NE! We would be glad to help ease your discomfort, as it is likely that a root canal infection is the cause of your distress.

Check out the video “Why Should I Replace My Cracked Amalgam Filling?”

Image of Dr Kelsey Sullivan. Let Dr, Sullivan be your emergency dentist in the area of Northeast Lincoln, NE.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Kelsey Sullivan.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentist says: “My patients deserve personalized, quality dental care in an atmosphere they feel comfortable in. At Nebraska Family Dentistry, our team of caring professionals is committed to providing you with a comfortable and positive dental experience. Our goal is to form a partnership with you to help you achieve and maintain optimal dental health throughout your lifetime.”

You can schedule with this Northeast Lincoln, NE dentist online 24/7 at her Northeast Lincoln Location of Nebraska Family Dentistry. This Lincoln, NE dentist serves the local communities close to Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry in Waverly, Davey, Greenwood, Walton, Eagle, Elmwood, Weeping Water, Ceresco, and more.

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